Inaugural CAS vs GPS President’s XVIII AFL match on Barker College First Field

Photo courtesy of Paul Seiser/SPA Images. Further images from the game can be found at



Wednesday 27th was a momentous occasion for Independent Schools and AFL. The occasion was made through an AFL match between The Associated schools of NSW (CAS) and the Athletic Association of Great Public schools (GPS) President’s XVIII. The game was played at Barker College on the new AFL field with 44 boys battling it out to claim the very first title of CAS vs GPS President’s XVIII AFL Winner.

CAS schools include Barker, Trinity, Waverley, Cranbrook. Knox and St Aloysius. GPS includes St Joseph’s, Newington, Shore and St Ignatius. It was a standout game with both teams running trials and training to ensure they put their best players forward to represent their school and association with pride.The excitement was high as team ran out of the sheds ready to play. The first goal of the day was scores by the President’s XVIII but their lead was not held for long. CAS fought back and the first quarter finished CAS- 1.6 – 12 to 1.0 – 6 GPS.

Throughout the game there was some outstanding marks, goal kick from the boundary lines and a level of comradery you wouldn’t expect from a team full of players from different schools. CAS hit their stride in the second quarter putting 4 goals on the board but the president’s XVIII didn’t give up. Their defensive line was strong and every player worked hard till the last second. The final score was CAS 8.14 – 62 to President’s XVIII 7.5 – 47.

AFL NSW/ACT would like to congratulate all the players, coaches, staff and organisers for a wonderful event and are looking forward to making it a yearly event.


Team lists                 


  1. Cooper Wright – Barker
  2. Bradley Uglow  – Trinity
  3. Harry Whitaker – Waverley
  4. Finn Ritchie – Trinity
  5. Luca Ekins – Cranbrook
  6. Isaac Selvarajah – Knox
  7. Rory O’Shea – St Aloysius
  8. Brendan Doyle – St Aloysius
  9. Noah Burgess – Waverley
  10. Isaac Bartholomaeus – Waverley
  11. Jonah Faigen – Barker
  12. Jack Brasher – Knox
  13. Robert McHugh – Cranbrook
  14. Max Whillas – Cranbrook
  15. Jenson Raue – Barker
  16. Thomas Linfield – Kent – Trinity
  17. Darcy Carnahan – Barker
  18. Tom Gillis – St Aloysius
  19. Max D’Agostino – Waverley
  20. Ashley Bucklund – Waverley
  21. Ben Strong – Barker
  22. Ethan Gyoery – St Aloysius


GPS President’s XVIII

  1. Will Burton – St Joseph’s
  2. Matt Dyster – Newington
  3. Ali Crawshaw-Tomlins  – St Ignatius
  4. Cooper Searle – St Joseph’s
  5. Mitchell Lumsden – St Ignatius
  6. Sigi Aisatullin – Newington
  7. Robert Worner – St Ignatius
  8. Jamie Papas – Shore
  9. Nick Lee – St Joseph’s
  10. Riley Homes – Newington
  11. Matt Grohmann – St Ignatius
  12. Joe Finsterer – St Ignatius
  13. Reuben Laws – St Ignatius
  14. Finn Tainsh – Newington
  15. Nick Hill – Shore
  16. Justin Raja – Newington
  17. Jaden Reilly – St Joseph’s
  18. Jack Dillon – St Joseph’s
  19. Matt Moran – Shore
  20. Harry Zechulich – St Ignatius
  21. Henry Cummins – St Joseph’s
  22. Matt Luvio – St Ignatius


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