2018 Sydney Harbour Gala Day – Week One Results

A huge thank you to all teams who participated in the End of Season Gala Days for the Youth Age groups in the Sydney Harbour Region over the weekend. There was some sublime football on display, with some beautiful pieces of team work and flashes of individual brilliance.

A massive thank you must go out to the host clubs for their hospitality and Graeme Durrant from Drummoyne Power for his assistance in building the result template.

Result links below (flick through tabs in the top left hand corner to view various pools):

North West:

Under 9 – North West – Final Results

Under 10 – North West – Final Results


Under 9 – South – (Results pending)

Under 10 – South – Final Results


Under 9 – City – Week 1 Results

Under 10 – City – Week 1 Results


Under 9 – North – Week 1 Results

Under 10 – North – Week 1 Results

Under 10 Youth Girls:

Under 10 – Youth Girls – Week 1 Results