Barnaby Howarth – The small things in sport

Former Pennant Hills Demon & Sydney Swan, Barnaby Howarth to speak to AFL Sydney junior clubs about the importance of the small things in sport.

Using the lessons he learnt playing team sports, Barnaby handled back to back to back adversities and he is now living the life he always wanted – a resilience speaker on an international speaking tour, Barnaby will be giving a free online speech to Sydney AFL junior clubs to pass on those lessons to the league that gave him so much.

The speech will be live streamed on training night for AFL Sydney junior teams

Date: Wednesday, May 20
Time: 7-745pm
This presentation is by invitation only – click on this link to watch:

If you would like Barnaby to give a speech online to your club, call or email him directly to discuss special Sydney AFL coronavirus rates

Mobile:0404 851 203